Final Cut Pro for Windows 10 – Download Best Alternatives

One of the best things about using a Macbook is that you will be able to do high-end video editing work easily with software like a final cut pro. However, Windows and Linux based systems have also improved their quality and are used by many professional video editors as well. However, the final cut pro is available only for Mac users, so Windows users can’t use it even though they desperately want it. In such a situation, you will have to rely upon its alternatives.

You can’t use the final cut pro since the software is not available for Windows users. So if you don’t have a MacBook, don’t feel sad; instead, try to use the below mentioned best alternatives for final cut pro.  

Final Cut Pro for Windows 10 – Best Alternatives

Since there are tons of alternative software for final cut pro, we decided to go with the best ones only. However, these alternatives include both paid and versions, so choose accordingly. 

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

We can firmly say that the best alternative for final cut pro would be adobe premiere pro because it has every feature you want for video editing. Currently, adobe premiere pro is giving a fierce competition to apple’s final cut pro, and many professional video editors use this software. All the features and premium plugins are included in the window version of a final cut pro.

Many professional editors rely upon adobe premiere pro for editing their videos. All of the premium features that the final cut pro has are already made available in this software. 

Key Features –

  • It can edit any video format smoothly, and you can mix different frames as well.
  • Removes unwanted background noises help to increase the audio quality significantly.
  • Highly integrated tools made available in one place. 
  • You will get regular updates for this software, making it available to users without any bugs. 
  • Highly usable for professional editors who are looking for all-round editing software. 

However, adobe premiere pro is that type of video editing software made with lots of premium features and options that might confuse lots of beginners.

2. Windows Movie Maker

Windows movie maker is the best alternative for final cut pro if you are short of budget. This software is available in all Windows and is quite easy to use compared to other paid tools. Some people like to learn about the basic movie or video editing, and window movie maker is the best software for such tasks. You can edit a film or a long video with lots of effects quite quickly.

The Windows 7 version of this software is used by many people who lack video and want to make their videos look beautiful. You can easily import the audio, video, or image files in your PC using window movie makers and add necessary effects accordingly. This tool is great for splitting or cutting the video, and you can share the video or movie directly to social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook. 

3. Cyberlink PowerDirector

Cyberlink PowerDirector is made so that its UI is quite similar to the final cut pro, and you will like it. Since this tool is paid, you can still use the free thirty-day trial version for editing videos or films and restricted features. Windows users can benefit from advanced features such as 360-degree video editing, color correction, stabilization, noise cancellation, etc. in this software.

If you are an editor who likes shooting family, travel, or sports movies, this software is made for you. You will receive the relevant features available to make such films look more beautiful. CyberLink PowerDirector has various sound effect clips that you can use in your film or video accordingly.

If you are going to use the free version of Cyberlink PowerDirector, your videos will have a watermark. You will have to buy the premium version for such premium access.

4. Vegas Pro

If there is any software that is close to all the premium features final cut pro offers, then it’s vegas pro. You can edit all types of video or audio files, considering that it offers all premium features in one place. If you are that person who has to edit high-end videos or films, this software is made for you. The final editing output produced by Vegas pro can be made available in 4K resolution as well. It works best if you have NVIDIA and Intel hardware embedded in your system.

Many professional filmmakers have agreed that they use vegas pro since it offers every premium feature they are looking for in video editing software, and relatively it’s easy to use. Motion tracking and video stabilization tools can help you to create a flawless video. It’s also useful when you are trying to edit a 3D video with lots of animation effects. The secondary feature which you might like is that it creates subtitles automatically for edited films or videos.

5. VirtualDub

When you want to do some basic video editing, you can do that with VirtualDub. We agree that this tool doesn’t have any premium features like a final cut pro. But it’s suitable for all beginners if you want to use a super easy and free video editing software, this one’s best.

Many aspiring filmmakers for YouTubers have said they sued VirtualDub for basic video editing, and you can easily use features without even learning about them. Features such as enhancing video color, various filters, frame rate adjustments are quite reasonable considering it’s a free tool.

You can run this software in any version of Windows, and it can help you to edit only selected parts of the video as well. 

6. Nero Video

When you want to use a video editing software for multiple usages, you can go with Nero video. You will receive tons of different media templates that you can use to edit the film correctly. One of the best things about Nero Video is that its super user friendly, and anyone who has the least experience with video editing can also use it.

Already pre-installed media templates are made available in this software based on video subjects like travel, family, adventure, etc. So you can choose any of these templates and add relevant effects to your video to make it more beautiful. Since the free version of this software comes with restricted features, you can get the premium one for a higher level of editing. Overall, considering the price of this software, it’s an excellent multimedia suite.

Final Words:

So this is how you can use a final cut pro for windows by using any of the alternatives mentioned above. There are tons of software that are the best substitute for final cut pro, and it all depends on the user’s need. If you want a video editing software for basic editing, you can use free tools. However, for professional editing, you will have to rely upon adobe premiere pro, Cyberlink power cutter, Vegas pro, and many other paid software only. If you have any doubts or questions regarding the usability of the final cut for windows then leave a comment below, we will be happy to resolve your doubts.